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An independent analytical laboratory

Oilfield Water and Oil Analysis

We have been serving the Oil and Gas industry here in the Permian Basin since 1953. Let our independent and completely unbiased laboratory give you the insight your business needs.
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Residential Services

We call the Permian Basin home, and we’re glad you do too! Whether your analysis is related to well water, ponds, agriculture, or irrigation, we have the expertise you’re looking for.
How can we help?

Precise analysis of numerous constituents in a water
Precise measurements of crude oil
Precise measurements of bacteria, salinity, suspended solids, and more
Analysis of waters used for watering livestock
Determine the cause of fish kills, odors, and color changes
Analysis of waters used for the irrigation of plants, trees, and crops
We offer a comprehensive testing package for home water wells
We provide accurate field testing and representative sampling
We evaluate the mixing of waters on the surface, in the wellbore, and...
Analysis of scales, corrosion products, formation materials, and drilling muds
We provide and evaluate corrosion and scale coupons as well as test for...
Several types of bacteria common to oilfield waters can be identified and counted
Casing leaks, water contamination, and more can be identified

Why Choose Us

We are an independent and completely unbiased laboratory!

Martin Water Labs has been serving the Permian Basin and surrounding communities since 1953. Our main area of expertise has been and still is the testing, evaluation and subsequent consultation regarding oilfield waters including fresh, produced, injection, or artificial waters; such as drilling, load, or spent acid.

Oilfield Testing

We specialize in various oilfield testing

Residential Testing

We also test many types of residential water


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