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Oil and Gas Production Chemical Technology Series

Summary: Martin Water Labs, (MWL), offers training courses to address the needs of the Oil and Gas Industry in the area of production chemicals. These courses will cover the technical aspects of day-to-day production challenges and how production chemicals can assist in minimizing these challenges, while helping to increase the field’s profitability.

Target Audience: These courses can be attended by Operation’s personnel that are seeking a better understanding of their chemical programs, as well as by chemical and service vendors that are seeking a deeper understanding of the production chemical business and desire additional training in the technical areas.

Course Offerings: The following is a listing of the courses currently available. These can be presented at your workplace. Additionally, we are available to customize courses for your employees, addressing your specific operational challenges. These courses can be 1 to 2 days in length, depending on your specific needs. Contact MWL for pricing and availability.

  • Establishing and Monitoring a Chemical Program: Overview of production chemicals, the selection processes and understanding the tests used to monitor their performance
  • Overview of Laboratory Testing: Discusses the various laboratory tests that can be performed by chemical companies and/or independent laboratories; and how to properly interpret, track and trend these results
  • Crude Oil Challenges: Discusses the formation of, and prevention of, water-in-oil emulsions, paraffin and asphaltene deposits
  • Inorganic Mineral Scale Challenges: Addressing the formation of, properties of, and inhibition of, mineral scales
  • Understanding Water Analyses: Discusses the water analysis, its interpretation and the importance of proper sampling and preservation techniques
  • Natural Gas Challenges: Discusses the deliquification of gas wells, gas hydrates and gas dehydration challenges
  • Corrosion Control in the Oil and Gas Industry: Addresses the technical aspects of corrosion, discusses the various forms of corrosion, corrosion inhibition and failure analyses
  • Bacteria in Oil and Gas Production Systems: Addresses the specific challenges of bacteria, their properties, the common industry techniques for enumeration and the control of bacteria in producing waters
Instructor: Becky L. Ogden, Consultant

Becky began her career in the Oil and Gas Industry in 1981, focusing on equipment design, corrosion control, oil field chemicals, water analysis interpretation, non-destructive testing, and the application/inspection of internal and external coating systems. Becky has her B.S. in Chemistry from Angelo State University, graduating Magna Cum Laude in December 1980. She has worked 23 years for oil-field chemical companies, 14 years for a major oil company as their Chemist/Corrosion control specialist, 2 years as an independent Consultant – where she served as an Expert Witness in four lawsuits. She has one patent during her time with the industry: “Repair and Restoration of Above Ground Storage Tanks”. She is currently serving as a Consultant for Martin Water Labs, Inc., focusing on failure analyses and technical training.

During her time with chemical companies, Becky worked in the manufacturing/quality control aspect of production chemicals, technical service division for production chemicals and recently worked as a Technical Trainer for in-house and Customer Technical Training programs. Becky has been a NACE member since 1983 and has served on multiple technical committees, and has served on every position within the local section. She has published three (3) technical papers through the Texas Tech Southwestern Petroleum Short Course (SWPSC), held annually in Lubbock, TX, and has presented multiple pre-conference technical training courses pertaining to production chemicals, basic corrosion technology, failure analyses and analytical testing.

She was recently awarded the Duane A. Crawford Service Award by the Southwestern Petroleum Short Course (2019) in honor of her volunteer service to that conference.


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