What type of analysis is required for a water well by mortgage companies when financing a home or property?

A basic mineral plus lead, nitrate, nitrite, and a coliform bacterial are generally the tests required when financing a home or property, but your lender or agent should be consulted for their particular requirements.

What causes my well water to have a foul (rotten egg) type odor?
This bad odor is usually caused by a bacteria that converts the sulfate in water to sulfide. Generally this problem can be remedied by chlorinating the water well. It is a good idea to have the well water tested for coliform (harmful) bacteria at this time.
What is the white residue left on the ground or on objects that have been exposed to my water?
The aquifer in this area (City water included) contains a large amount of dissolved minerals. When water evaporates, the minerals remain and are visible as white or brown deposits. This is normally a combination of calcium, magnesium, iron, and chloride.
What is Coliform and E-Coli bacteria?
Coliform bacteria are part of a broad group of bacteria that can be found in soil, water, and
vegetation. Coliform is also found in parts of humans and other warm-blooded animals. Coliform can enter your well through groundwater, surface water run-off, cracked or broken well parts, poor construction, and leaking septic tanks. Coliform in your well water can mean there are disease-causing organisms such as E. coli. E. coli is a sign of fecal matter and can cause health problems.
What should I do if bacteria is found?

The first step is to not use the water until proper steps are taken. You will need to perform a “Shock” to the well, which is the term used to treat the well to rid of bacteria. Liquid chlorine in the form of household bleach and food grade white vinegar can be used to disinfect your well. We can provide a document with the reports that take you through the steps of chlorinating the well, or if that doesn’t sound like a task your wanting to perform there are several water well companies in the area that can perform this service.

  • Please note when taking the sample for testing not to use a water hose. It is very common for bacteria to build inside the hose causing a false positive reading. It is important before taking a sample to clean off the tips of the faucet with alcohol pad to rid any surface bacteria that might be present. We can provide a document with sample instructions.
How do I collect the Water Sample?

Martin Water Labs does provide a sample kit that can be picked up free of charge at the lab. There is a bottle for analysis and another only for bacteria. Please see and click the attached document HERE that gives detailed instructions.


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